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Little Lilley's

What is a Little Lilley?

Little Lilley's are our signature miniature log homes for all tiny home lovers. Little Lilley's are completely customizeable just like our spectacular log homes! Each of our homes are a one of a kind, handmade creation.

Little Lilley's Pricing Info 

Every custom Little Lilley comes in three varieties:

  • Primitive

  • Turn Key 

  • The Bones

The Primitive option is for those who prefer to complete utilities on their own. Those utilities include things such as: heating, air, power, and water.

The Turn Key option is for the ones who prefer to have it all done in one swing. 

The Bones is the shell of the home. The logs, support posts, ridge, rafters, and girder beams

Whichever way you prefer we have something for everyone!

Little Lilley Floor Plans

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